5th runner needed for Virgil Crest relay

Hey friends, due to some last minute injuries and crazy recent race efforts (aka @vedgund’s speedy HTC performance last weekend), we are looking for a fifth runner to complete our relay team at Virgil Crest next weekend.

What: run a total of 20 trail miles in ~3-6 mile legs. We don’t care how slow or fast you are, but there will be plenty of elevation and a few legs of headlamp running. We just ask that you try your best not to get lost or injured!

Why: You get to spend the weekend hanging out with a veterinarian, two engineers and a material scientist. Plus cheer on all the awesome ultra runners you will meet on the trail! And if that’s not enough, we will have some great snacks to share (:

Please email me (gpl.woo@gmail.com) for more details. Thanks for reading!

I look forward to seeing you there and cheering for you guys!

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