Aaron King has completed the 2022 FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge!

@Challengers, the astonishing Aaron King (@aaronking32) is our fifth FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge finisher for the year! Aaron didn’t just complete the Ultra Challenge, he lowered the fastest completion time by over 3 hours, with a running time of 10:18:41 and an elapsed time of 14:03:51. Impressive, and Aaron will be taking home another custom Ultra Challenge sign this year.

Aaron started with Taughannock Rim & Falls at 4:46 AM before coming into Ithaca for Inlet Shore Trail. Then, while he was still fresh, he dispensed with the devilish duo of Lick Brook & Treman FLT and Brookton Hill & Dale before circling out to Dryden for Long Loomis and Jim Schug, followed by East Hill Dryden Rail Trail on his way back. That left only Beebe Lake, Lansing Center Trail, and a Sweet 1600 for him to finish, which he did just before 7 PM.

I’m dying to hear Aaron’s recap, especially since Scott Dawson, Amy Dawson, and Teressa Naylor are also in progress on an Ultra Challenge attempt, and the Activity Log reports that Aaron started the East Hill Dryden Rail Trail with them.


This is SO exciting!!! Obsessively watching the activity log is paying off!!

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Whoo hoo! Congrats!

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Way to go, Aaron! So impressive just to finish but you also did it at lightning speed!

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Awesome job!!

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Thanks all! Not sure what would have happened if the sun had been out in full force all day. Thankful for some of the cloud cover and shade in parts. Great to see @amy-dawson, @scottpdawson, and @teressa.naylor out there (me starting as they were leaving inlet, on Lick Brook, and all starting east hill/Dryden rail trail) - congrats!!


Congrats!! You had an amazing day - you looked incredible out there. It was so fun to see you and Amanda.

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@aaronking32 that was phenomenal! You looked so fresh as you finished up Treman, and it was great to see you and Amanda at the Dryden Rail Trail. Hope you’ve had a day of well-deserved rest!