Backstretch Bingo Day 17: Group Run

Group Run: Participate in a social run, optionally join friends for food and/or beverage afterward. Everyone can get credit for piling into the same photo.

Double duty today with a 6-human, 2-dog group run, including a new friend @aaron.proujansky1!

Which also gives me Bingo (:slight_smile:


Great to meet up, Gabby! That was a fun run and our intrepid canine leaders rocked it as well. Adding Bingo Bingo


Ithaca HHH group trail photo on Feb 20th. (Iā€™m in the background.)

Ran with Ana and Lisa this afternoon before the squall. 3 makes a group, right? :smile:

Went snowshoe running with some old friends and some new ones today. Loads of fun!

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