Backstretch Bingo Day 6: New Warmup

New Warmup: Try a new warmup routine before your run. Looking for ideas? Here are some options:

Did an early morning warm-up in the park before my sunrise run :slight_smile:

Warmup jump squats, clean & press, and single leg deadlifts using my favorite calico cat instead of kettlebells. No cats were harmed in the course of warmup.


Tried a warmup run from peloton today,

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Any warm-up is a new Warm-up for us, sadly.
Jamie is also sporting his Ithaca High School track and field sweatshirt.


Have been doing this warmup the past two days including the Frankenstein walk. Next time around I may do the Thriller as well just to confuse the heck out of Belle Sherman dogs being walked and their humans. Prerun Warmup | 5-Minute Warmup to Do Before Running

No picture, but I did some leg swings and a 1 mile walk before my run today. Since I usually don’t warm up at all, this was definitely new!

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I also tend to subscribe to the running warmup is the only type of warmup or no warmup club, but I did some leg swings before my run yesterday

I generally do at least leg swings before running, plus a lunge matrix if I have time and room, but I’ve added nerve glides to my warmup as a test to see if they help with some of my calf issues. I feel a little silly focusing on such a simple exercise but I’m happy to try nearly anything.

I’m fairly new to “running” just for running’s sake. Throughout being a kid, school sports, college, etc, running was always what we did TO warm up. I’ve taken to doing a few leg swings and some quick dynamic stretching, but for the most part I just try and dial it back a little for the first mile to give my joints a chance to warm up. I know I should be probably taking some of these running focused exercises more seriously, but I always just tell myself that I’ll start doing that tomorrow. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that struggles with this.

@lizhartman Thanks for sharing those warm up ideas, I’ve been incorporating and felt great!

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Tried a new warm up before running on the assault treadmill today. There was some minor interference from a friend.