Can you help promote FLRC and the FLRC Challenge with a lawn sign?

There are many runners in the Ithaca area who never become part of the FLRC community or even learn that FLRC exists. To raise awareness of the club and the FLRC Challenge (which doesn’t require social interaction or the desire to race), we’ve designed 18-by-24-inch lawn signs that we’re hoping to distribute widely around the area.

Will you host a sign for us on your lawn (or in a window)? It’s a great way to show you’re a runner and encourage those who run or drive by your house to check out FLRC and the Challenge. It’s totally free, and we’ll even install the sign for you if you want. All you have to do is sign up here! Once we know how many to make, we’ll get them printed and distributed.

Thank you!

@adamengst I’d be happy to host a yard sign when I return in Sept. if that’s not too late.

Hey, there’s an idea. We can install ALL the extra ones on your lawn until you get back! :slight_smile:

Just checking if we do or will have 2 signs available to place on each side of the building at Finger Lakes Running Company?

I’m not seeing @Ian having signed up, but I have roughly 40 signups now and was planning to order 50 signs, so we’ll have a few extras, and that would be a great place for them. I hope to get the signs ordered this week.