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Looking snazzy in those green shirts!

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After hanging out at Hammond Hill a bit, I grabbed a slice of pizza on the way to Duck Trails. The Ornithology Lab and Visitor Center is now open, with AC, nice bathrooms, and some exhibits. Definitely worth checking out. After loitering inside long enough, I head out on the trail. Felt pretty nice in the cooler woods and there are some new wildflowers showing.

Does anyone else see a resemblance between the Goldsworthy egg cairn and Jabba the Hut?


This was part of my trail challenge day, so here are the links to all of my posts from the day: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Up next in my challenge was Duck Trails (I tried to map out the shortest drive). After getting lost briefly amid a pack of birdwatchers, I enjoyed this route just carrying my phone and my keys – no hydration pack or nutrition for such a short segment.



If anyone was looking at the activity log they might have noticed I knocked out three of the trail courses early and in good time and then disappeared for six hours. After completing FH Fox I went home at 7:30 to do stuff with the wife and kids. Turns out the boys had been up since 6:00 rampaging around the house, which is unusual, and Hayley was already worn out. So much for finishing the last two courses before our planned family trip to the revamped Stewart Park splash pad. I couldn’t ditch them just to finish the runs.

Fast forward to about 1:15 p.m. After an hour in the splash pad toddler melee, playground time, several carousel rides, and lunch at home, both 4-year-olds surprisingly were ready to crash but yet good tempered. At 1:20 they were out like headlamps, which meant I maybe had time to finish Duck Trails and HHH before the 4:01 p.m. cutoff while my wife got a chill afternoon.

I grabbed my gear and hightailed it to Sapsucker. By now it was 90° and some of the loop is without tree cover. My legs felt like lead from the start. I slogged through what felt like a much slower pace, tore off my drenched shirt, and quickly took off for Hammond Hill at 2:10. Finishing the last course on time was sure gonna be close.



Run Ribbit Run
The frogs are quite vocal in the large front pond by the visitor center and the ‘Stadlen’ pond after the road crossing every time I do this course. Ran with just my phone and despite slowing to a walk past numerous birders, logged my fastest time on this course (still slow due to some picture taking). The lily pond is almost covered over

and there are some new wildflowers