First skating session of the challenge

Cornell Botanical Gardens was treacherous before sunset today. I bailed after a slippery, slow, single lap. You know it’s serious when I willingly choose to run up the Caldwell Rd. Hill!!!


Waterfront Trail started to get that way too, especially as the temps started dropping around 4:30. Some parts I opted to run in the snowy grass instead. Stay safe, everyone!

Thanks for the warning about Cornell Botanic Gardens, @SarahG! I’ll echo that for all other @Challengers—I ran that course yesterday afternoon, and even then there were icy spots on the road since parts of it never get any sun. Be very careful with the road surface on the hills, and don’t assume that you can step off to the side to get onto firm ground—everything is wet and muddy on the edges.

Remember, I didn’t open some of the Challenge courses right away last winter because they were too treacherous. Once this winter kicks in for real, I may be closing some courses for the same reason. Cornell Botanic Gardens is actually fairly high on the list due to those roads not being cleared or salted. Tortoise too, given that super steep downhill.

Thank you, Adam! I appreciate you keep an eye on everyone’s safety so well. It would be such a shame if someone got injured from a fall in icy conditions!