First Winter Chill in One Week!

Hello Chillers,

The Winter Chill 5k series starts next week on Sunday, January 9th at 11 AM and runs for the remaining Sundays in January: the 16th, 23rd, and 30th.

As in the past, registering for the Winter Chill 5K series is free, but you must be an FLRC club member. If you’re new to the club or your membership has lapsed during the pandemic, join or renew online today , since there won’t be an option to sign up at the race. (It’s cold, and no one wants to handle paper!) Once that’s set, register for the series —you’ll be signed up for all four races and will use the same bib number for all of them, so remember to bring your bib every week. You can skip any individual race that doesn’t fit your schedule.

Each week will have a color theme. Please try to wear as much of your outer layer in the theme color as possible. The colors for each week will be as follows:

9th, red
16th, black
23rd, orange
30th, blue

See you soon, Chillers! -Sarah


I am new to this series and I wanted to ask how we get our bibs. Will they be brought to the runs?


In years past you pick up your bib at your first race and keep it for the rest of the races you participate in.


Filled out all info, no charge life time member


@buhillrunner Heather is correct, you will pick up your bib at the first race (or the first race you attend). You will keep your bib and use it every week. See you Sunday!


I appreciate all the responses! I figured they bibs might be brought along to the first meeting, but I am not yet certain I will be able to make the first meeting. The fact that you will have it with you at the second meeting helps! :smiley:

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Looking forward to seeing you, Kuwanna!

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I’m looking forward to running first Wintrr Chill on Sunday!

Are any volunteers needed?

I have volunteers for this week but I could use some help on the last one for sure! Let’s connect on Sunday.