FLRC Challenge completed!

After a dry spell that was ironically caused by insanely wet weather, we have two more completions of the FLRC Challenge. Congratulations to Michelle Woods (@MWoods), who ran Danby Down & Dirty for her tenth course, and to Bob Swizdor (@Swizbob), who took advantage of the Forest Frolic course cleanup to notch his tenth course. We’re now up to 24 finishers, with five more people having just one more to claim their medal.

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Congratulations to Steve Desmond (@steve-desmond) for finishing off Pseudo Skunk Cabbage as his tenth course and thus qualifying for a finisher’s medal!

Steve is the 25th person to complete the FLRC Challenge, but we have six people with nine courses done and another six with eight courses completed, so the floodgates could be opening soon.

He’s also the guy who turned my vague idea for the FLRC Challenge leaderboard into a tremendously cool reality, for which we all own him a debt of gratitude!

Thanks, I didn’t realize until I got home yesterday that I haven’t run 13+ miles in more than 8 years, which might explain today’s hobbling! To each their own, but 2 hours on the road is not my cup of tea, so I’ll be heading back into the woods for the rest of the Challenge :sweat_smile:

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Congrats @steve-desmond and many thanks for all your work on the leaderboard! It’s absolutely fantastic and really makes the whole Challenge come together as a community event! We can’t thank you enough!

Congratulations to Wei-Kai Lin (@wklin), who knocked off Forest Frolic on the weekend to complete his tenth course and qualify for the FLRC Challenge completion medal!

He brings our total to 26 completions of the FLRC Challenge.