FLRC Challenge completed!

Completion #40 belongs to Brian Lazzaro (@brian-lazzaro), who gets bonus points (well, not really) for running Forest Frolic, Danby Down & Dirty, and Thom B (his last one) since tearing his hip flexor the week after Monster. The picture he sent me of the 8 inches of bruising on his quad was too scary looking for public consumption.

With his completion, Brian moved into fourth place in Most Points behind Adam Pacheck, Bill Watson, and Crosby Woods. Congrats, Brian, and here’s hoping that hip flexor heals up soon.

Completions are picking up, as I thought they would. Today’s accomplishment goes to Philip Gabler, who decided to beat the rain predicted for tomorrow’s group run and finish off Forest Frolic today. Congrats on completing the FLRC Challenge, Philip!

I’m kicking myself for failing to commemorate this accomplishment better in the moment, but kudos to Amanda King (@amanda) for completing her FLRC Challenge on yesterday’s Forest Frolic group run in the rain. Should have gotten a picture of her with the course marker sign, but this group photo will have to do. Identifying Amanda is left as an exercise for the reader.