FLRC Sumer Speed survey for Tuesday night workouts

Our Tuesday night MITHACAL MILERS workouts in Barton Hall have been a huge success since starting last November and continuing past our planned stop date in mid-March due to popular acclaim. At peak attendance, over 60 people were showing up regularly to run, some with kids in tow for Kate McCormick’s kid activities. All told, we had 954 participations for the season, and I’ve been particularly jazzed to see people developing fast friendships and training partners among the workout groups.

With that level of enthusiasm, how could we stop? So, with the warm weather coming and Barton Hall closing for finals, we’re going to try moving the workouts down to Stewart Park for the summer, meeting at the small pavilion over by the tennis courts. Workouts will continue to be on Tuesday nights, but with no need to wait for the Cornell track team to finish practice, we could make the time a little earlier. To find out what time works best for people–and so I can focus the workouts appropriately—I’d appreciate it if everyone who plans to attend a workout would fill out this 2-minute survey. Thanks!

(Remember, the workouts are free, but you must be an FLRC member to participate and sign the FLRC Training Programs waiver once for 2023.)