FLRC Summer Speed workout Tuesday 7/11 at 6:30 PM at Stewart Park

Time to get back on track with Tuesday night workouts after a few weeks off for track and holidays!

For this week’s workout, we’re going to return to the Yo-Yo workout. After 10 minutes of warmup jogging, everyone will regroup and start the workout, which involves running hard—I pace or 5K race pace—for 3 minutes. The group will spread out quite a bit, which is the point. At 3 minutes, the leader (the yo-yo) and everyone except the person at the back of the pack (the handler) will turn and jog back until you’ve regrouped. (The handler just keeps jogging forward.) Once everyone has regrouped, the next hard rep starts. The rest will be relatively short on these, probably about 1 minute.

We’ll keep repeating out the Waterfront Trail toward the Farmer’s Market and beyond until we’ve done 4 sets, and then we’ll turn around and do 4 sets back.