France bans >2ks

I don’t quite understand the logic of this ban.

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Hopefully rural areas are except from this?

I guess I could imagine that running in the middle of a city might not be the best idea right now, but as @jullfly notes, what possible difference could it make in rural area, or even anywhere you aren’t likely to meet people?

Perhaps a bike path like the East/South Hill Rec Way or the Jim Schugg Trail isn’t ideal, but when you’re running on the road, it’s unusual to meet other people and anyone coming in the other direction would be on the other side of the road anyway.

And why ban cycling entirely?

I consulted with my resident French national who told me the idea is to keep everyone in close proximity to their home neighborhood. Should an area becomes a viral hot spot it will be easier and faster to conduct contact investigations and thereby contain the spread. It’s not too much of an imposition to ask runners to stay within a 2k radius. It’s harder to expect cyclists to do the same hence the ban.

Aww, someone had to be the voice of reason. :slight_smile: It’s amazing how we can’t even imagine something like the need for contact investigations until it’s pointed out.

And now you can’t go running in Paris during much of the day.