Fun Speed & Agility series

Cornell Wellness is offering this class to staff, faculty, and retirees (and spouses of any of these) who have a Wellness Recreation Membership. If you are eligible, I’m writing this to recommend that you come!

I went to the first session at noon yesterday on Jessup Field and had a lot of fun doing drills. Most running drills I’ve done have been about overall running form and have involved a lot of running. These drills were about speedy running form, like for a quick start or for kicking at the end. (Or for other sports where you might want to run fast - kickball, football, soccer, whatnot.) @bobtalda was also there.

Each drill had a short segment where you did a specific drill thing (A kick, high knees, etc.) and then you tried to put that into a short sprint. The segments were very short, so it didn’t take much mental effort to stay with it.

Anyway, I had a good time and I think it was very good for my core muscles. Also, the instructor did a great job with teaching the B skip, which seems to require more coordination than many FLRC-ers can typically muster.

The class could use a few more participants for this 12-session series, so if you’re interested (and eligible), check it out at Short Duration Small Group Exercise Classes | Cornell Recreational Services

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I second Tonya - this is a fun class focused on fundamentals…so non- sprinters and non-racers can benefit… and there is guaranteed to be at least one drill you do well (or at least better than I can do it!). look forward to seeing you out yhere