Group Run on Forest Frolic, July 24th at 8 am

Hey All,

We’ll be organizing a run-through of the FLRC Challenge course- Forest Frolic. It’s the same course used in the live/in-person race, which is happening on July 31st. So if you want to get in your FLRC Challenge attempt or check out the course before the big race, join me for a start time of 8 am. We’ll meet at 7:45 am and start promptly at 8 am. All paces are welcomed. Any faster-paced folks out there that know the course and would like to join the group? We’ve got the mid-pack and sweep all set for Saturday.
See you there!

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I’m hoping to be there, aiming for sub-90 minutes!

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I’m planning on attending and will be running usual “complete in just under 2 hours” pace.

you know I just realized there is an error in the listing … the run through is JULY 24th not June 24th …,

Easily fixed! :slight_smile:

Sorry, feet are still wrecked from Skunk in the rain, so I’m out for tomorrow.

Newcomer here. Hoping to drag myself out of bed and be there at 7:45 tomorrow.

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