High Noon men’s roster for PGXC #2 on 9/26/2021

Good day, @pgxc-men! We’re a week out from the second PGXC race, and it’s time to start figuring out the roster. Here’s what I’m seeing on the roster spreadsheeet—if this doesn’t match your plans to attend or not, please update the spreadsheet and let me know.


It turns out that U19 is a 5-person co-ed team, so we could use both @kristina.harrisonsav’s son Ryan and maybe @Mike_S and one of his kids. Tell 'em that there’s likely chocolate involved. :slight_smile:

  • Banyan Love
  • Ben Lambert
  • Oliver Lambert


Complete, but it would be nice to have a buffer of another person or two, just in case.

  • Adam Berkowitz
  • Adam Schoene
  • Alex Drazic
  • Charlie Hale
  • Dylan Hess


Looking rough for the masters this week, even with Columbia.

  • Columbia Warren
  • Scott Weeks (maybe, and mostly if we need him for a team)
  • Tristan Lambert


We’re close to a team here, and Kevin Nelson might be our fifth, though other likely possibilities are Sean Nicholson or Bob Swizdor or Joey Randall.

  • Adam Engst
  • Jamie Loehr
  • Jean-Luc Jannink
  • Jesse Koenecke
  • Joey Randall

Super Vets

Way to show how it’s done, guys! A strong five-man team, though if necessary, perhaps one of you can come to the aid of one of the younger teams.

  • Alan Lockett
  • Bob Talda
  • Carl Franck
  • Charlie Fay
  • Joel Leff

We’ll get into logistical details later on in the week, but if you’re on the fence about going, this is one of the closer races—under an hour from Ithaca. It’s at Everest Park, in the Auburn area, and is a first-time course for the PGXC series (see course map).

I’m in for the men’s open team! I’ll add myself on the spreadsheet.

Turns out I can’t make it to the Auburn race. But it looks like you’ve got just enough men’s open runners now anyway.

@Charlie_Hale Great to have you joining us—the open team just got stronger! Once we can put our full team into play, we should be able to give Syracuse a run for their money.

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Super! I’ve been thinking about asking you, but, apparently, just thinking about it doesn’t make it happen…
The Haverford Plant Breeding and Running Association…

Haha, awesome, looking forward to Sunday!

How could we not have a solid team for Scott??!!!

Meanwhile, we Super Vets are so going to live up to our name or have to walk home!
Can we wear cowbells while running again. Just because some of us thought it was a bad idea doesn’t mean we can’t try.

@hubitron just did a Ragnar relay where everyone had to wear cow costumes—he didn’t mention cowbells, but that would be in character. Perhaps he can help shore up the Masters team.

@bobtalda, and @nelsonka1 I’m not seeing you in the RunSignUp roster yet, so if you’re planning to come, please do sign up in advance. Day-of-race registration is distinctly iffy nowadays.


@pgxc-men, we’re still a couple of bodies short on the Masters team, and we’ll have to see if we can fill in with extra Super Vets, since there were only three Masters teams last race, and just fielding a full team might get us a point in the Club Cup competition. Check the roster spreadsheet for details, and if your plans have changed in either direction, please let me know so I can adjust teams appropriately. Before Saturday, reply here, after that, text me at 607-275-9557.

The race is at Everest Park, in the Auburn area. It is a first-time course for the PGXC series (see course map). Gun time is 11am, so please try to arrive a little before 10am. Google Maps directions here.

As we’ve noted before, due to COVID, we’re not comfortable with making carpooling the default as we normally do. However, @jeanluc quite rightly points out that climate change is an existential threat too, so he’s organizing a carpool from the traditional Vet School lot. Please RSVP over there if you want to participate.

Any questions? Just ask!

I a currently on the fence about running on Sunday, unfortunately. Both of my calves are a bit protesting some and one of them fully cramped up last night. I’ll see what they say to an easy run on Saturday.


Thanks for the heads-up, @jtk1. Keep me posted, in case I need to recruit from the Super Vets team.

One possible thing that might help that I’ve seen recommended for calf strains, at least while they recover, is shoes with a larger heel drop. Reduces a little bit of pressure on the calf. I’m also doing the weighted single-leg calf raises and double-log pogo hops to recover from my calf issues, and that seems to be helping (along with not running too fast or up steep hills).

And if you can’t go out and buy shoes at the last minute you might try heel gel pads. Hope you’re well enough to make it Sunday @jtk1 !

I better bow out of tomorrow’s race. Calves are feeling mostly better, but I don’t want to set them back. I assume I just have some fatigue from 5 days hiking in Tennessee mountains. I’ll be ready for the home race in a couple of weeks.


Kevin Nelson is running, so we should still have a team. Stay healthy, Jesse!

Sorry to say this so late, any place you can use me is great Adam. Thanks as ever for organizing us!

Hi Harriers and Harriettes, I’m finding 5343 North Rd. works great on my Tom-Tom GPS. On the other hand, the park name Everest doesn’t appear (as well as County Rte 72B). I think the park name was an idea of the GVH to try to frighten us. Rather, please remember to bring a shovel so we can take care of what’s left of them when the race is over today. In case you are concerned about catching COVID when breathing hard in the race, all our simulations say that Scott will have plenty of lead to spray Lysol from the front of the pack and still win the beer.

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