Is there a group run on Sat, 8/27?

Per the topic. Is there a group run planned this Saturday? Or Sunday.

If not, I’ll likely run the Black Diamond Trail from Cass Park out to Glenwood and back (10k), starting around 8/8:30. I run about a 10 min/mile road pace, give it take 30 sec/mile. I can run slower, too. Or longer.

Just happy for company.

There isn’t an official FLRC group run this weekend, those are the first and third Saturdays of the month.

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There is the running of the Monster Half Marathon in Treman, if you want to go a little longer with company.

Running Monster would be a great way to get a long run in with a group, @Lloyd, or you can just commit to Black Diamond Trail at 8:00, say, and hopefully someone will be up for joining you. (But I think Monster is more likely.)