Lansing Cross Country Coach Needed

Hi Everyone,

A family friend has two kids who run cross country in Lansing. Apparently they do not have a coach for this season and may not be able to have a season. I thought posting to this group might generate some interest. Below is a link for from the schools website, the job posting can be found there. I will say that the post is somewhat sparse. Hopefully there is someone out there with some interest, I know our friends kids will be disappointed if they can’t participate this season.

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Hi all:
Indeed, Lansing XC is looking for both a mod (boys/girls) coach as well as a varsity (boys/girls) coach. I had to step away this season due to a health issue and am available to answer questions about the job until 8/9 (and then I’ll be unavailable for a while). Anyone who has ever run cross country knows it’s a really special sport and this program is no exception. I encourage anyone interested to apply!!!
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Just to close the loop on this situation, Becca just sent me this:

Lansing does have coaches for the season, thankfully. I appreciate any support you can offer them. I’ve passed along as much info as I can and will try to be available for questions as they have them. Meghan McVey is head coach and new to XC though experienced in coaching other sports, and Margaret Steffie is an LXC alum.

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions!