Last call for FLRC's indoor track meet on Sunday, January 15th

It’s a busy FLRC weekend, with Winter Chill #2 on Saturday and our first indoor track meet in three years on Sunday. If you want to run the track meet, please register online before 6 PM Saturday. There is no day-of-race registration because we have to seed all the events beforehand—juggling who’s in what heat on the spot is slow and gets messy very quickly.

Events will be the 3000m, 60m, 1 mile (as a warmup for the Hartshorne Masters Mile on January 21st), and 200m. We’ll also have a 4x200m relay that you’ll sign up for at the meet.

We’re excited to announce that we’ll also be trialing the long jump and high jump at this meet! Thanks to help from the SOAR Running Club coordinating those events and Cornell providing the equipment, you and your kids will be able to try jumps as well during the meet. (Jumpers can come and go to do their running events during the jump competition.)

I realize that some people have been having trouble with our registration system MileSplit, which local schools use for registering their teams for scholastic meets. That’s in part because it’s school-focused, rather than being aimed at individuals. To help, I’ve dashed off some illustrated documentation of the process of creating an account, creating athletes within the account, registering for events, and registering multiple athletes. It’s not complete but should help shed some light on the confusing bits. Give it a read!

Some general reminders before you read my documentation:

  • Look for MileSplit’s green Register Online Now button in the upper-right corner.
  • Individuals should read/watch How do I enter an individual in a meet?
  • Club coaches should read/watch How do I enter my team into a meet?
  • If you need help, contact MileSplit support at
  • All individuals register as Unattached; teams are only for clubs attending as a group.
  • Families register as individuals; a parent can have multiple children under their account.
  • Ignore anything that asks about high school or college.
  • Choose one division based on what you’ll be paying: Non-FLRC Member if you aren’t a club member, FLRC Member if you are, and Financial Aid if a fee would prevent you from participating. The gender of the division doesn’t matter; we combine everything.
  • When entering seed (estimated finish) times, leave the Meet Name field blank.
  • You can always log in again to change your seed times or events.

If you aren’t able to use MileSplit in the end, please send the following information to for each entrant so I can add you to our meet management software manually—you can pay and sign the waiver at the meet. Please do this only if it’s absolutely necessary since I have a ton of work to do to prep for the meet as it is.

  • First and last name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Desired events, plus seed times

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing lots of people on the Barton Hall track on Sunday morning!

Ack, i signed up but am likely out now. Whole family dealing with stomach flu and would hate to get more people sick. Have fun today!

Sorry to miss you, Ed, but thanks for thinking of the health of the community!