Looking for advice about rafting on a stream or river nearby

Dear Fellow Runners, Zsofi and I are hoping to take a nice easy ride down a stream for a couple of hours on Sunday. Our eldest tried Fall Creek putting in at Route 13 last week, but that didn’t turn out well, I suspect for lack of water. We heard that there’s a stream / river near Marathon that might be good but we lack details: i.e. where to put in and get out. We would deeply appreciate any suggestions. Our plan is to use our bikes to get back to our car. Happy weekend!, Carl (kb2kdv@gmail.com)

Depends how far you want to drive, but I’ve heard the Pine Creek Gorge in PA is a good spot for that. Paddle down the creek, bike back on the rail trail (which is like biking on the Black Diamond Trail). I’ve never tried this and don’t know the best spots along the creek. Water level should be high enough but you’d want to check with someone before driving down there.

Thanks Peter! Sincerely, Carl

Might be a lot more water in Fall Creek today after last night’s storm. Game Farm reported 1.5 inches and the airport was 2.39 inches.

Thanks Adam! Best Wishes, Carl

Tioughnioga River from Whitney Point (put in of US11 just below the NY79 bridge at the main intersection), downriver to Chenango Forks.

Thanks Adam, we had a blast on Fall Creek a couple of days ago. Thanks Truck, we’are very much looking forward to Tioughnioga River next! Gratefully, Carl and Zsofi