Looking for long run company in the Groton/Cortland area

I’m looking for some company on my long training run days (12-14 miles @9:15-10:15 pace). I live in Groton and am without reliable access to a car until my college age kids head back to school at the end of the summer. So getting to Ithaca and beyond for group runs is challenging.
If you live in the Groton or Cortland area (Cortland is within bike range for me) or feel like making the trek to Groton let me know. I have a number of nice routes from my house (low traffic county roads, rolling hills, minimal angry dogs). I can be flexible on day and time.
Respond here or email me at zzzbarclay@gmail.com.

@maplejh, @trislee23, if you don’t already know @julie19, I imagine you’d enjoy each other’s company on a long run.

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