Looking for running companions!

Hi! My name is Jenna and I’m looking to find some people to train with. I ran the Wineglass half marathon in 1:45. I’m hoping to run more half marathons and possibly a full marathon in 2022.

Also- how do people train here in the winter? Are certain trails better than others in the snowy months? Thanks in advance for any responses :blush:

Hey Jenna, welcome and congratulations on Wineglass! I’m happy to meet up sometime for a run and talk trails and winter running, feel free to shoot me a PM or text (607-592-4549). I generally prefer trails but am also contemplating a fast road marathon next year. Off the top of my head, here are some other women who could be a good pace fit for you: @amanda, @lizhartman, @caitlin-loehr, @julie19, @mdoruska3 and I’m sure I’m missing a few.

I highly recommend checking out the Saturday group runs that @heathercobb3 puts together twice a month - I think the next one is this Sat Nov 13 on the Pseudo Skunk half route (rolling hills half marathon) and is a great place to meet people to run with.

My 2 cents about winter running: my dog and I are pretty happy to slog through a bunch of snow in the winter, but some areas like Hammond Hill, Monkey Run, and the local rail trails are definitely more amenable to packed-down snow running compared to other spots like Kennedy Forest, Danby, and sections of the Finger Lakes Trail. Some other fun cross-training options include XC skiing and snowshoeing when conditions just aren’t running friendly.

Looking forward to meeting you sometime!