MITHACAL MILERS track workout Tuesday, 1/3 at 7 PM in Barton Hall

Happy New Year, runners!

Our first MITHACAL MILERS workout of 2023 will be on Tuesday, January 3rd, starting at 7 PM sharp at Barton Hall, as usual, but we need everyone to sign a new FLRC Training Programs waiver. You only have to do this once to be set for all FLRC workouts and group runs in 2023.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of pace or track experience, but you must be an FLRC member (which also gets you into the free Winter Chill 5K Series, with the first race this coming Saturday, January 7th).

This week’s descending ladder workout is meant to help you build endurance and work on speed while tired—the fun part is that the distances get shorter as you run faster.

We’ll start with a 1200m (6 laps) at T pace, followed by a 1000m (5 laps) at T pace, with 200m jogging recovery in between. Then we’ll do an 800m (4 laps) and a 600m (3 laps), both at I pace, again with 200m jogging recovery. Then we’ll close it down with a 400m (2 laps) and a 200m single lap at R pace, still with 200m recovery in between. Those who aren’t running at least 25 miles per week can drop the 1200m and start with the 1000m.

Any questions, just ask here or in person at the workout.


It’s pretty nice weather this week so we’ll drive next.


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I apparently picked a doozy for my first real track workout in 7 years!

Kids are looking forward to some indoor winter running too – thanks @kcmccormick8 for helping with that! Anything we should know ahead of time?

Yikes! Yeah, maybe take the paces a little easier this time to see how your legs respond to track work.

Let’s make sure @kcmccormick8 is available for Tuesday—she wasn’t able to make it last week when we were doing the Ridiculous Relay and there weren’t any younger kids anyway.

Ill be there! Sorry for the lack of heads up last week- holiday had my brain a bit scrambled!!

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