MITHACAL MILERS track workout Tuesday, 4/4 at 7 PM in Barton Hall

Congratulations to all those who ran Skunk on Sunday, and thanks to people who volunteered instead of racing!

Those who raced on Sunday should not be doing serious speed today, but it’s important to get the legs moving again. So this week’s workout is designed to accommodate both those in the recovery group and those who would like some speed work.

We’ll be running pulsing 200s, which means that you’ll run 200m at whatever faster-than-easy pace feels comfortable, whether M (for the recovery group) to R (for those with fresh legs). You’ll follow that with an easy 200m, as slow as you want. Then repeat that combination until it feels like you’ve done enough, but no more than 8% of your weekly mileage in faster reps.

This is essentially a fartlek workout, and you really shouldn’t stress about the paces at all—the goal is just to run a faster 200 followed by a slower one.

See you in Barton Hall tonight! (And we have the place to ourselves, since it’s spring break.)


Thanks for keeping these so organized! Will there be plans to transition to the outdoor track? Or do we not have permission to use that?

Glad you’re liking the workouts, @edp! The plan is to continue indoors through May 2nd, when Barton closes for Cornell finals.

I don’t believe Cornell’s outdoor track will be available because the Ithaca Youth Bureau’s track program generally schedules it for Tuesday nights, but we’re talking about moving the workouts downtown to Stewart Park for the warmer weather.