MITHACAL MILERS workout on 2/4 at 7 PM at Barton Hall

We have three more workouts before the next track meet on February 23rd, so we’ll have two more hard weeks followed by a speed polishing workout on February 18th. Here’s this week’s workout:

2-3 sets of

  • 2 by 1000m at T pace, with 1-minute rests. These are relatively slow, but have little rest.
  • 4 by 200m at R pace, with 200m jogs. These are fast and will feel easy on the first set.

The goal is to have the T pace work be about 8% of your weekly mileage. If your mileage is below 20 miles per week, consider dropping to 800m for the longer reps and only 2 by 200m for the faster reps.

Remember, T is threshold or tempo pace, and is slower than I pace, which is slower than R pace. Make sure to look it up at the Jack Daniels calculator linked below.

See you tonight at Barton!


Thanks, Adam! Am I reading the schedule correctly for the 2/23 track meet that there is no 1-mile race? See you tonight!

That is correct—we’re throwing a bone to the 800m specialists this month for a change. :slight_smile: The March 29th meet will have a mile again.

A few of the kid coaches were also interested in a shorter mid-distance race for a change, and mixing the 800m and the mile in the same race can be tough for younger kids.