MITHACAL MILERS workout on 3/10 at 7 PM at Barton Hall

Here’s the workout for the week, which will be appropriate whether you’re training for the mile or something longer:

  • 4 by 200m at R pace with 200m jogs
  • 3 by 1000m at I pace with 2-minute jogs
  • 2 by 400m at R pace with 400m jogs

Those with more weekly mileage could bump the 1000m to 1200m.

Remember, if you feel like your form is falling apart and you’re struggling to hit your paces in the last 400m reps, that’s a good sign that you should cut the workout short.

Any questions, feel free to ask, and see you tonight!

cheers… -Adam


Thanks, Adam! I wasn’t there yesterday and am planning to do the workout on Friday around 12:45pm if anyone wants to join me! ~ Liz 484-802-2769