MITHACAL MILERS XC workout on Tuesday, 9/6 at 6 PM at the Cornell Botanic Gardens

Our first PGXC race of 2022 is coming on Sunday, 9/11 at Long Branch Park in Syracuse. Register soon, and if you’re going to run any cross-country races this year, feel free to join us at the kickoff spaghetti dinner on Friday, 9/9 at the Brooktondale Community Center.

For this week’s workout, we’ll park at the usual spot in the bowl, and warm up by running back toward campus to the Caldwell Road entrance to the Arboretum. Then we’ll be doing repeats on the 1K grassy loop that High Noon calls the Diaper Loop (if you’re late, join us at that entrance). It takes 5-8 minutes to complete and has a steep hill in the middle, so we’ll be running the first half up to the oak tree at I pace effort (roughly 5K race pace), working the steep hill hard, and then jogging back to the start at E pace. The number of reps will depend on your mileage, but assume 3 to 6.

The workouts are free and open to all FLRC members, but everyone must sign an online waiver once for 2022. It’s the same as for the FLRC group runs, so if you’ve signed that one this year, no need to do so again—check Webscorer to see if you already signed.)

Any questions? Hope to see you on Tuesday night!


@mithacal-milers, given how much rain we got yesterday, I’m thinking that the grassy Diaper Loop will be really wet and soft, making it less fun for us and more damaging for the trail. So unless the sun comes out and dries things up big time before 6 PM, we’re going to do an alternate workout that stays on the pavement: Arboretum Rockers.

This workout involves starting at the big hill on the east side. Run hard up the hill—all the way to the Yield sign—and then turn around and jog back down easy. Once on the flat, increase your pace to more of a marathon pace—faster than easy, but slower than tempo—and run over to the hill on the west side. Run hard up that hill to the stop sign and then jog back down and do M pace back to the east hill for one rep. In other words, hard up the hills, easy down, and medium in between. Depending on mileage, each person can do 2-4 reps.

Well, that was wet! Despite the rain, we had 12 runners out there for Arboretum Rockers, including @Charlie_Hale, @ahaws, @patrickmilano, @DamianClemons, @Brenda_Kirk, @julie19, @amalia, @Marschmi, @tonya, @heathercobb3, and new person Tammy.

And kudos to @Tristan_Lambert and @rebeccamlambert and their kids for sticking with the workout!

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