New leaderboard features

Good news, @Challengers! The incomparable @steve-desmond has added a few features to the leaderboard for us, and I think you’re going to like them. Look in the new Reports menu in the nav bar at the top for:

  • Activity Log: The FLRC Challenge is, at its heart, meant to build community in a time when we can’t gather in large groups. So the Activity Log just shows, for every day, who has run what. The times are when results are submitted and will thus be highly random for those submitting after the fact. I love this view because it lets me see at a glance what all my friends have done each day.

  • Participants: This page was added a week or so ago, but if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a list of everyone who is registered, making it easy to see your own results or those for a friend, along with a quick way to check how many people are playing along. We’re up to 83, which is a great start, but please, recruit your friends!

  • Statistics: The leaderboard has all sorts of great data, and this new page gives you a bird’s eye view. For each course, you can see how many people have run the course, how many runs they’ve completed, how many miles have been logged, and what the average number of runs are for that course. And all numbers are split by men and women.

Any questions, just ask! And if you have other ideas for things the leaderboard might be able to do, feel free to raise them.

@adamengst, these are great additions to the scoreboard!
Also, I found a small glitch in the results. On the Home page, Course Leaders, East Hill Rec Way, Most Runs: both the F and M tabs show the same results (Adam, Alex, Amanda) and their rank order is 1,2,2. The number of runs for each are correct however.
(Maybe the rules state your name must begin with A to count most runs?)

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Why yes, didn’t you read the rules about preference being given to people whose names start with A, and especially if the next three letters are “dam”? Why do you think there are four people named “Adam” signed up so far, with more undoubtedly on the way? :laughing:

In fact, the leaderboard is working correctly with regard to Most Runs. The reason is that there’s no need to separate men and women in that competition—a woman could win it just as easily as a guy. So no change is necessary when switching between the F and M tabs. I’ve added a little more text to the rules to make this more explicit.

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Okay. I assumed there were two awards being given for most runs, one each for female and male. It’s probably stated in the rules…which I DID read but apparently not closely enough!

Clearly, there will need to be a quiz at the end. With an award.