New Time! MITHACAL MILERS XC workout on Tuesday, 10/11 at 5:30 PM at the Cornell Botanic Gardens

With the inevitable turning of the seasons, it’s getting darker sooner, so we’re moving the workout time up to ensure we can see what we’re doing. Meet at 5:30 PM at the usual spot in the bowl of the Arboretum. After our lunge matrix, we’ll warm up by jogging back to the Caldwell Road entrance by the Flying Diaper and then back up the mowed paths toward the big hill. Since our home course at TC3 is longer and hillier than the flat 2.8-mile “6K” we ran yesterday, we need to get some more hill work in.

Speaking of our home PGXC course, that race is coming up on Sunday, 10/30 at TC3, so if you’d like to join in the fun and camaraderie of being on a team, sign up soon. Let’s show those big-city teams how Ithacans run gorges!

To that end, we’re heading back to the grassy hill loops this week. I can’t quite remember how the paths go, or if they’re the same as this satellite view, but the plan is to focus on a 400m grassy loop with the big oak tree at the top. We’ll run 4-8 (depending on your mileage) reps, going hard (5K race pace) both up and down. Recovery will be a jog back toward the Flying Diaper, staying on grass. Switch directions for each hard loop and try for an even number of reps to even out the effort between directions.

These workouts are free and open to all FLRC members, but everyone must sign an online waiver once for 2022. It’s the same as for the FLRC group runs, so if you’ve signed that one this year, no need to do so again—check Webscorer to see if you already signed.)

Any questions? Hope to see you on Tuesday night!

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Sorry for the course confusion last night, @mithacal-milers, but once we found the mowed zigzag through the field, it worked pretty much the way I was hoping, with hard uphills and downhills and short recoveries. (Evil, I know.) And I hope all the crossing with other runners helped keep the sense of running with the group regardless of pace.

For next week, I’ll schedule the workout to go live on Monday and @heathercobb3 can keep everyone honest.

Hi Adam,

I tend to do your workouts by myself either Tuesday or Wednesday mornings so I just wanted you to know I appreciate your efforts and plans even though I don’t show up on Tuesday evenings.

Have a fantastic time in Greece!


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Good to know—that explains some of why you’ve been running so well this season! :slight_smile:

I was kind of getting into the Pac-Man vibe. Have a great trip!

Yeah, next time we’ll encourage everyone to make the wocka-wocka noise! (And clearly we need a Pac-Man emoji here; the best I can do is a Space Invader :space_invader: )

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