New to all of this...wanting some company

Sue Mann here - a new to this running thing and looking for some company from time to time.

I’ve managed a 5k once, but then backtracked, now picking it up again. Live in Brooktondale and looking to have some occasional company (where my speed and distance won’t bore someone else to tears) to keep me motivated…

Nice to have you joining us, @SueMann! If you could share what sort of speed and distance you like to run, that would help people match up.

And please don’t feel shy about coming to FLRC’s group runs (which I’m assuming you’ve seen here), either @heathercobb3’s Saturday runs (if they’re something you can complete) or my Tuesday night MITHACAL MILERS workouts, where it’s possible to adjust things to match your level of fitness.

Currently at about 4km at around 35 minutes (per the app I’ve been using). But of course looking to continue to increase distance.Does that answer the question…?

Can’t come tomorrow due to a previous commitment…but will have on my radar for future weeks.

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Hi Sue! We’ll be doing a group run at the Forest Frolic FLRC Challenge course on Saturday. It’s about 9 miles, and probably going to be muddy due to rain we’re supposed to get. I will be hiking and not running. You are welcome to join me! Look for a post about this later today.

:+1: I’ll plan to be there then. Thanks!