Posting our own group runs

So I understand that it will still be a little while before FLRC will be hosting group runs but would it be frowned upon to simply post that you will be running at a certain location, at a certain time and pace if anyone wants to join? I’m jonesing for some running company but also want to be respectful of the forum and FLRC. I would personally feel comfortable running with a small group, obviously keeping recommendation on social distancing in mind and I’m sure others may as well.

My feeling is that there’s a big difference between FLRC organizing regular group runs (many of which were drawing 30–50 people) and individuals wanting a little company on a run. The FLRC board decided to cancel the group runs because we just weren’t comfortable with creating what seemed like an unsafe situation, not to mention the fact that such events would very likely be in violation of state regulations.

But if a couple of individuals wish to go for a run together, hopefully following FLRC’s COVID-19 recommendations, that’s their business, and I have no problem with you or anyone else posting here looking for some running companionship. Before COVID-19 happened, that was one of my main goals for this forum.

Given that posts here are permanent (such that titles of “Group run Friday?” would be confusing), it would be helpful if you could put more details in the title of the post, something like:

Join me on Friday, May 5th at 5 PM for 6 miles at 8-minute pace?

Then include more details about the course you’re planning to run and where people should meet you in the body of the message. I think it’s entirely reasonable to ask for RSVPs so you know to wait a few minutes if someone said they were coming but are running a few minutes late.

Sound good?

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I think that is more then reasonable and a good thought on the title of the post. Look forward to posting some runs in the future.


Lovely! And feel free to post afterward in the same thread about how it went or to share any photos you take. As you say, we’re all a little starved for human contact, and while I won’t pretend the forum is a replacement, it can help us all feel a bit more connected.