Proposed update to FLRC bylaws

Dear FLRC members:

FLRC’s Governance Committee has been hard at work for the last 18 months revising the club’s bylaws, which were last updated in 2016. The goal of the revision, which turned into a complete rewrite, was to bring the bylaws into compliance with New York State requirements for nonprofit corporations, include requirements from the Road Runners Club of America (through whom FLRC receives its 501(c)(3) status), clarify areas of ambiguity, and update the bylaws to better serve current club needs. The proposed bylaws have been approved by our attorney, RRCA, and the FLRC Board of Directors.

Other major changes include:

  • We added a standing Diversity & Inclusion Committee to formalize the commitment of the club to make our events and the club at large as diverse and inclusive as possible.
  • We instituted term limits for board members and officers to encourage managed turnover and fresh perspectives.
  • We included or clarified language surrounding the boring but important areas of meeting protocols, conflict of interest, document retention, indemnification, and dissolution.
  • We simplified sections referring to appointed positions, elections, and other operational tasks that will be described by more easily modified policies outside the bylaws.

We encourage you to read through the proposed bylaws and ask any questions here. You can compare them to the current bylaws from 2016.

We plan to hold an online vote of the club membership in May. If you aren’t currently a club member, you can join at any time.

Thanks for your support of FLRC and running in our region!


FLRC Board of Directors