Quarantine Backyard Ultra - 38 hours in

As some of you know, @ellie-pell and Amelia did the Ithaca version of the quarantine backyard ultra yesterday - start running at the top of the hour and run 4.16 hours. Keep doing this till…you can. While Ellie and Amelia put in an impressive 41 miles over 10 hours, the worldwide backyard ultra is STILL going on after 38 hours. If you want to watch this rather painful race, there is a live YouTube stream. Shocking there are still 13 people remaining after 150+ miles of running

They’re on their 200th mile! 24 hours!!! Only two runners, Mike Wardian and a man named Radek.

Is there a different link to view? The YouTube link Ved provided seems to be stuck on a 4 minute repeated loop on lap 37 and has no updates.

Not sure if it is still on. It was down to Mike Wardian, Anna Carlson and Radek Brunner at loop 44.

Down to 2. Wardian and Brunner. They have a live Facebook video.

That’s amazing—nice work, you two!

I wonder how many people were forced to drop out because their treadmills gave out in exhaustion.