Recommendations for a new FLRC bookkeeper

FLRC’s longtime bookkeeper is retiring, so the club is looking for a replacement. If you know of (or are) a QuickBooks Online-savvy professional bookkeeper who works with non-profits and has room for a new client, please let me or club treasurer Charlie Fay (@CharlieF) know.

Bonus points for candidates who are club members or at least runners since some of the peculiarities of accounting for race registrations may be more familiar to those who participate in races.

This is a paid position, and we estimate that it involves about 10 hours per month of work.

Thanks for any recommendations you can provide!

Try Sabrina Johnston! She does my bookeeeping


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Thanks for the referral Jamie!

Hi Adam,

Tina Slater may be interested! She has some accounting background and has been involved in the Fingerlakes Runner’s Club over the years. She can be contacted at or 315-730-9888.

Kayla Slater

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Hi Kayla, thanks very much for the referral!

You’re welcome!