RunGo navigation report

Hi all! As someone how is not familiar with any of the trail courses, I was intrigued to see Adam’s suggestion about using RunGo directions that are linked in the course descriptions. I went to Buttermilk today to try out the Tortoise & Hare course and gave it a try. I literally had NO idea where I was supposed to go after running through the parking lot. The turn by turn directions were amazing. SO clear and it even included little inspirational things like each mile I completed and when I was getting close to finishing a climb on the course. What a great system! It definitely seems like someone put quite a bit of effort into setting that up. THANK YOU to whoever did that!

I’m totally confident now to try any of the other trail courses by myself! Though, I’m going to try to meet up with a friend anyway since that’s more fun :slight_smile:


That’s wonderful to hear. I’ve used it a couple of times, but never on a course I didn’t already know, so it’s hard to tell in such a situation if it would really been all that was necessary.

I stumbled on the RunGo system last year, and @Petorius and I have been playing with it since. He’s the expert on creating the courses, at this point, and I think FLRC will be doing more of them for our various races over time.

Glad to hear RunGo worked so well for you! You should have no problem using it on the other Challenge trail courses where there are fewer turns, roads, and crossings. One useful feature of the app is that it will also give you driving/walking directions to the starting line. So if you’ve never been to the Virgil trails, for example, you can navigate to the start and run the Frolic course using the same app.

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i didn’t think about using the RunGo system, having competed in many T&H races in the past. But, having measured the course as 5.29 miles, I’m wondering if I took some minor liberties. will re-run in near future with RunGo just to compare

or what the Hash House Harriers would call SCB = Short-Cutting Bastard

@bobtalda Don’t forget the FLRC Challenge T&H course doesn’t use the flat field trail at the start like the in-person race does. This shortens the route by about 1.3 miles. My watch measured about 5.4 miles both times I ran the Challenge course, and RunGo measures the same. I’m sure that “lost” 0.11 is just due to fluctuation in your (or my) GPS signal.

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