Slight change to the Inlet Shore Trail course (and RunGo directions)

Good day, @Challengers! In an effort to ensure optimal running, I have personally melted all the snow from the Inlet Shore Trail course this afternoon while investigating a slight re-route. You’re welcome.

As for that slight change in the Inlet Shore Trail course, rather than muck around with the marina parking lots, we’re going to stay on the Waterfront Trail until just before the Cass Park Access Road, then turn right to stay on the Waterfront Trail and run around the perimeter of the dog park. Once you’ve done that, you’ll do the full Treman Lake Loop and then return to the Waterfront Trail and run back around the dog park as you came. I don’t think it will change the distance much (maybe 0.1 miles longer), and no one has laid down a super-fast time yet, so all current efforts will continue to be honored. Thanks to @aaron.proujansky1 for pointing out this better approach.

I’ve updated the directions on the course page and built RunGo directions as well.

Thanks for updating this with some clarification. There’s a spot on this course that looks confusing on the map though. The lakeside half at Allan Treman, around mile 2.7, looks like a hairpin turn as part of the loop. In fact it’s a one-way paved section with a tiny roundabout next to the marina entrance/exit for the boats. Are we meant to run that little roundabout section, or turn left at mile 2.61 (on RunGo) and continue on the main loop? I think the latter is less confusing—the little out-and-back is easy to miss if someone doesn’t know the path too well.

My intent was to run the little roundabout because the point of the course is to see as much of the inlet as possible, and I thought that would provide some nice views. But I was going only by the maps when building the course, so I’ll check it out in person on the group run on Sunday and will revise the course slightly if it’s unnecessarily fussy.

Got it. I ran a pseudo version today without taking a map or directions with me but I deviated from the course enough that I won’t count is as a Challenge effort. Enjoy that wind, everyone!

@Challengers, a couple of quick comments after running the Inlet Shore Trail course on the group run this morning:

  • I’ve added a few more voice prompts to the RunGo directions where people had trouble today. Now that I’m getting the hang of RunGo editing (I think it’s improved from last year too), it’s easy for me to make changes, so if you have suggestions for any course, feel free to let me know the spot and what was confusing.

  • We are continuing to use the hairpin turn around mile 2.7 where the Treman Lake Loop heads out .1 miles to a turnaround right where the boats enter the marina. Just go out, run around the circle at the end—in either direction!—and return. It gets us up to 6.2 miles exactly and offers scenic inlet views, which is the point of this course.

Great to see everyone today, and we’ll continue to explore more courses in future weeks.