Snowshoe clinic/group run Sunday 2/27 at 9 AM at Ellis Hollow Nature Preserve

20+ people are sporting new Dion running snowshoes thanks to the FLRC group purchase back in January, and since it looks like we’re going to have a big dump of snow on Friday, I’m hoping we’ll get enough for snowshoeing again.

If you’d like to learn more about your snowshoes and explore some gorgeous trails, join me for a clinic and group run on Sunday, February 27th at 9 AM at the Ellis Hollow Nature Preserve parking lot, off Ellis Hollow Creek Road by the gas plant (313 Ellis Hollow Creek Rd #183, Ithaca, NY 14850). Please fill out the poll if you’re planning to come so I can get a sense of group size. There’s probably parking for 10-12 cars in the lot.

2022 Snowshoe Clinic/Group Run
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  • I’d like to come and borrow snowshoes

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We’ll make sure everyone knows how to wear their snowshoes properly, and then head out for an easy pace run of around 2 miles. There are significant hills, but we’ll make sure everyone is in a group with others of their pace and collect up at intersections. If anyone is looking for more distance after the first loop, they can turn around and do it again in the other direction for completely different scenery.

If you don’t have snowshoes but would like to try them, vote appropriately and post below too so we can see what’s possible. I have one pair of older Redfeather snowshoes to loan out, and a number of other @snowshoers do as well, so if they come, we’ll have a few pairs to share.

Finally, if sufficient snow doesn’t develop, you’re welcome to come anyway and we’ll do a group run around Ellis Hollow on the roads. I’ll post a trails conditions update here on Saturday.

Consider yourself invited: @caitlin-loehr, @Jamie, @Sandy, @julie19, @JoshB, @Gretchen, @gplwoo, @hubitron, @buhillrunner, @gary, @mickiejauquet, @brian-lazzaro, @Dave_K, @esambo, @Brenda_Kirk, @apacheck, @anne-shakespeare, @ruth-sproul, @melissawallace, @tpdady, @tonya, @bill, @nicholas, @vinny-cappadora, @kkanaley16, @ying, and anyone else who has snowshoes!

In terms of gear, dressing for snowshoeing is similar to running, with a few tweaks:

  • Wear whatever running shoes you’re comfortable in.

  • If you have them, I recommend wool socks. Your feet will get wet, and wool tends to be a good insulator even when wet. Or so the sheep claim.

  • On your legs, I recommend two layers: a pair of normal running tights under nylon wind pants or something waterproof. Snowshoes kick up a lot of snow that hits the back of your legs, and normal tights will get soaked quickly. If you don’t have water-resistant pants, maybe try two pairs of tights.

  • On top, layer as you normally would for winter running, but try to have a waterproof jacket as your outer layer. You’d be amazed how high the kicked-up snow goes on your back.

  • Whatever gloves or mittens you normally wear are probably fine, but since you’ll need to bare your fingers to put on the snowshoes, err on the warm side.


I’m planning on going, thanks for letting me try a pair out!

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Glad you can join us, @steve-desmond!

I just ran the entire trail, and the conditions are good, though we won’t be attempting stream crossings—all that melting last week took away the ice crossings and raised the water level.

I now have three pairs of snowshoes to lend, so if two more people would like to borrow some and try it out (nudge @heathercobb3 and @lizhartman), you’re welcome to come.

@tonya and I will see you tomorrow at 9 AM, @Brenda_Kirk, @Gretchen, @anne-shakespeare, @ruth-sproul, @caitlin-loehr, @Stephanie_Mulinos, and @steve-desmond. And of course, everyone else is welcome too!

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Thank you for the invite and offer to lend snowshoes, but I cannot make it tomorrow. Have a great run!

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Fun time snowshoeing this morning and great conditions!


I was unable to make the group event a couple of weeks ago but made it outside yesterday to try my snowshoes for the first time. I ran up and down our hill in the backyard a few times, as well as a few passes back and forth. A good half hour effort. I’m definitely planning to run my first Frosty Loomis next February! Thanks again for arranging this group order @adamengst!

Excellent! This feels like it may be the last big snow of the year, so it’s great that you were able to give the new Dions a workout.

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Agreed! I now have a feel for what it’s like to run in these, so next season I will take these right to the trails when preparing for the race so I can spend more time on them.

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