Status of the Pete Glavin Series?

I don’t imagine that the series will be happening this fall, but has anyone heard?

We haven’t heard anything from Mike Nier yet, and I’ve been a little afraid to ask because I can’t really see it happening either. And even if it was, would people want to go mingle with several hundred others from around the state? I wouldn’t.

I’ll check in with him and Colleen Magnussen.

I heard from Mike Nier earlier this week. Taughannock, our home meet, told him they weren’t approving events larger than 50 people. He planned to call them to see if that limitation has changed. He said he was hoping to meet with Mike Reif and Dave Bischoff this week to discuss a plan for the fall season.

Posted this morning: Update as of July 20: We have cancelled the first two PGXC races in September. At this point, it is obvious the regular series is in doubt. When large gatherings are allowed again, I am sure many races will resume. Someday we will again race for glory…and there is something I heard about a Club Cup…

Much as I hate to say it, I don’t see things changing enough in October and November to make the series happen. The infections just aren’t trending in the right direction, and schools starting up again in September aren’t going to make things better.

Dumb Runner’s joke post captures what race directors are feeling.