Stewart Park and the Waterfront Trail remain closed—please don't run there!

Hey folks,

Please don’t get us in trouble with the City by running the Waterfront Trail until it’s officially open again—it may seem passable, but the City is warning about overhead hazards from broken tree branches, plus we don’t want to get in the way of their cleanup efforts.

To encourage people to run elsewhere, I will be deleting all FLRC Challenge efforts posted on the Waterfront Trail course until the City says it’s open. The leaderboard reveals all. :slight_smile:


June 25, 2021: Update- Storm Clean Up Efforts

City of Ithaca Department of Public Works crews have done an amazing job clearing debris at Stewart Park, the Waterfront Trail, and the Golf Course, but there are still a number of hazards remaining.

The Golf Course will open up on Saturday, June 26, 2021, and golfers should be aware that there is still damage to parts of the course and greens. Overhead hazards and leaning trees have been removed and/or cut down. Crews are working today to clear tree trunks and branches on the ground and fill in the large holes where trees were uprooted. There still may be smaller debris on the ground in some areas of the course. DPW crews will continue to work on the golf course next week, and golfers must please avoid ongoing work areas.

The Waterfront Trail between the Golf Course and Stewart Park has been partially cleared, but there are still numerous overhead hazards from broken tree branches. This area should be avoided by the public. DPW will set additional barricades to discourage use of this part of the trail.

The Stewart Park playground and pavilion areas are mostly cleared, but too many hazards are still present in the nearby vicinity. The Park will remain closed to the public and the barricades at the entrance will stay in place. Reserved events at the pavilion can still take place, we ask that event organizers please let guests know that they need to stay in the pavilion areas. DPW crews will continue to work next week at Stewart Park.

We hope you will continue to enjoy other city parks, such as Cass Park, but please stay away from Stewart Park until further notice. We are hopeful that Stewart Park will be open by the end of next week.

We appreciate your patience, and extend a big thanks to DPW crews for all of their hard work cleaning up from the storm.

I’m lucky I beat the storm and trail closures in the Ultra Challenge. If I waited another day I might not have had a chance to do it again all summer.

Yeah, really! They hadn’t officially closed at that point. :slight_smile: Fingers crossed that they clear the Waterfront Trail by the end of the week. Frolic may take a little longer.

Happy days—Stewart Park is now open and everyone is welcome to run the Waterfront Trail course again.