Sweet 1600 Star Posts (2023)


Sweet 1600 At Sea

After multiple attempts at achieving a spiral pattern GPS track, it finally worked!

I was on a cruise in Alaska last week, and thought that I’d be able to make a neat GPS pattern by completing the Sweet 1600 either on the ship’s promenade deck (3 laps/mi, although only walking was allowed) or the jogging track (12 laps/mi). However, I encountered the continuous problem of the ship moving too fast in relation to my running speed, which meant my GPS track just looked like a mostly straight line. But finally, when the ship was moving very slowly, about to dock in Vancouver early Saturday morning, I got my pattern! It was a race against time for me, as we were VERY close to port. You can tell in the GPS track that the spirals were getting closer together with the number of laps.

The spiral pattern!

Me in front of the jogging track after my run

Canada Place, where our ship was docking in Vancouver

Sunset a couple days earlier in the Inside Passage of Alaska, during one of my earlier mile attempts