Thursday night Group Run with Red’s Place for dinner

Join me for a 4 mile group run starting on the Commons (near Aurora St.). We’ll head up the hill at University Ave to Stewart and come back down Kline to wrap around the Ithaca City Schools and back to the Commons for dinner and drinks at Red’s Place (on Aurora St.). Thursday (Feb. 10th) at 5:30 pm with the run starting at 5:40 pm. If you haven’t already, please sign the group run waiver.

Here’s a link to the route: RunGo | downtown ithaca (one hill) run

There’s an option not to run the hill just head down Linn St and meet up with the folks doing the hill at E. Shore Rd (bottom of Kline).
Hope to see you there!


For back-of-the-packers, here is the shorter distance I will be doing. I will go straight up Tioga, run by the Ithaca Falls (and stop and get a picture for the Backstretch Bingo - Water Run if there’s enough light), cut around the school by the track, and then back to the Commons the same way the other group is. This is about 3 miles. I like to run/walk, and average 13-14 minute miles.

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I’ll join you Heather!

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@raenb0 Hooray! Party barge in the back! :partying_face:

I’ll be there for the run at least! Probably around 11-12 min mile if anyone likes that pace. It’s my first time running with you all so if you see someone wandering the commons lost that’s probably me.

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