Town of Lansing Parks, Recreation, and Trails Master Plan virtual public workshop 2/25 at 6 PM

For anyone who lives or runs in Lansing, I received a notice of a virtual public workshop being put on by the Town of Lansing Parks, Recreation and Trails on Thursday, February 25th from 6-8 PM via Zoom. They write:

The Town of Lansing invites community members and stakeholders to participate in a Virtual Public Workshop to gather input related to needs and opportunities concerning Lansing parks, recreation, trails and programs.

Learn more and register at

Perhaps of interest @rebecca-lovenheim, @kag22, @Simon_Ingall, @Tristan_Lambert, and @sn243? It would be great to have someone lobbying for more in the way of running trails in Lansing.

Lansing Public Workshop #1 Flyer.pdf (188.3 KB)

Much of the meeting involved gathering ideas to improve the currently owned parks and recreation areas in Lansing. Ideas included adding access to wooded areas, connecting Ithaca and Lansing by trail, tree top trail or observation tower, adding trail usage along Salmon Creek, utilizing the railroad for railbikes, improving play areas, improving drainage in Lansing Rec area, and maintaining conservation of natural areas. Lots of good ideas, but no definitive plans in place to follow through on any them yet. I think it’s a first step at this point by involving the community in the planning process.


Thanks so much for the report, @kag22! I’d particularly love to see a trail connecting Ithaca and Lansing, if such a thing is possible. Salmon Creek is also an awfully nice area—I’ve only biked through there, but I could imagine it being a lovely spot to run as well.