Twilight Recap coming soon but now lost at the race

Hi All:

Lost and can’t be found:
A racer lost their small woman’s bracelet on the course. I wondered if anyone, volunteer or racer, saw it last night.

I have lots of Thank yous to hand out and will soon. We have fantastic volunteers, and they make a race run smoothly. Thank you to all for helping, jumping in and helping, staying longer than you expected, doing extra jobs, taking the trash away, announcing, setting up, and cleaning up (the list goes on). Excellent work, and it’s always a pleasure working with you all.

More to come!
Mickie (RD, Twilight 5K)

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Mickie, a HUGE thank you to you for all of the incredible work you put in to make the race such a successful event. I was in awe of everything you did to make sure we had all of the supplies/equipment/etc we needed on hand for the event and the graceful way you handled all of the moving parts. Wow!

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