Voting on days/times for a regular Flat Rock group run

Starting a run at Flat Rock in Cornell Botanic Gardens (the creek area below the Arboretum) is one of my favorite things to do. Let’s run together! I’d like to start a regular weekly run from this location, 4–6 miles, trails and roads. I will plan a course each week (the Beebe Lake Challenge course until the Challenge is over) and you can run at a pace that makes you happy, whether that’s with me or not. Ideally, we’ll group up into a few different pace groups.

I plan to pick the most popular day/time from the list below, so please vote for all choices that would work for you.

Vote for as many as you like!
  • Mondays: Meet at 5:15pm, run at 5:30pm
  • Mondays: Meet at 5:45pm, run at 6:00pm
  • Thursdays: Meet at 5:15pm, run at 5:30pm
  • Thursdays: Meet at 5:45pm, run at 6:00pm
  • Fridays: Meet at 8:00am, run at 8:15am

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Also, @adamengst will probably start Tuesday night PGXC cross-country training runs in the Botanic Gardens later in August or early September, plus we may be able to have track workouts on Tuesday nights in the winter. That is why I’ve stayed away from Tuesdays in the poll.

I’ve avoided Wednesdays because I like to do the informal Jim Schug group run that night.

@mickiejauquet will likely restart every-other-week Thursday night downtown runs in the fall, so all things being equal, I will lean away from Thursday. OTOH, I think this run will attract people who wouldn’t run downtown on a weeknight, so there may not be much conflict.

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I am not a morning person but I would show up for the joy of company. Friday was the only one I could do. I hope this group gets off the ground no matter what day, such a nice place to run from in the summer.

I was thinking just now that if a lot of us like Thursdays, we could do every-other Thursday when @mickiejauquet starts her group run in the fall. Also, maybe we will learn about more than one day when there should be a group run!

Great idea! I hope to be able to join.

I assume this group run never got started? I am looking to try to get regular weekday morning runs (well, slow jogs since I’m slow), and would love to have company.

Yes, this never got started. I love the idea of organizing this run, but my schedule has been so disjointed and I’ve lost momentum on the idea. Also, the most popular time is Friday morning, and my schedule did change such that I can’t make that time.

Maybe on of the other people who can make Friday mornings would like to lead a run on one of those days and see how it works out… all you really have to do is post onto the forum a few days, maybe a week, in advance and tell people when and where. Usually works best to tell people to gather at X time and plan to be ready to run at Y time.