Wednesday Night Snowshoeing 3/2

@snowshoers We’re going to be out again tomorrow night running the trails at Hammond Hill. Meet at 6:30 in the parking lot. Last week was a mix of snow and ice, with surprisingly no bare spots. With the new snow from last Friday, I’m expecting conditions to be quite good this week. Come dressed to run, bring a headlamp and a warm coat for afterwards. All paces are welcome. We’ll have groups running between 3-10k depending on who shows up. (plan to be out for around an hour) If you don’t have snowshoes and still want to join us, post here and we’ll try to find someone with an extra pair.

I’ll be there, planning to run about 3.5 miles (so the 5K course plus a little extra somewhere), and I’ll have an extra pair of snowshoes. @steve-desmond, @kkanaley16, @Stephanie_Mulinos, @caitlin-loehr, @Jamie, @ruth-sproul, @anne-shakespeare, want to join?

I know Tonya’s hoping to come, but she had a shingles shot yesterday that has flattened her today. Hopefully, she’ll be fine by tomorrow.

No-go for me, but hopefully next week!

Hi Adam,
I will try and would like to borrow a pair of shoes. What time?

I’m not going to make it tonight. I have a major work deadline pressing and am going to try to get out for a run this afternoon while it’s warm.

I plan to go and will have an extra pair of snowshoes with me.

@Stephanie_Mulinos Ah, sorry, that’s the problem with the email notifications. In the original post, @Dave_K specified the 6:30 PM start time. See you at Hammond Hill then!

Bring a headlamp if you have one; someone in the group often has an extra if necessary.

Fingers crossed our snow lasts that long!

Will do. Thanks!

I’m feeling better today from my shingles shot, so I’ll be coming. Probably just my usual hike up the big hill on Y1 to the first road crossing and then back down.

I’ll be there to snowshoe for about 3 miles, but probably won’t go to the Hotel afterward.

I wanted to be feeling back to normal today after my shingles shot, but I’m just not. I won’t be coming tonight, but I will send my snowshoes out with Adam.