Winter Chill is a Wrap

It’s done. Thank you all for such a great final Chill!

I’d like to give a big thank you to Adam, Mickie, Heather, and the Timing Team. As well as a great big shout out to my volunteers, Merin Ketcham and Bob Swizdor, for standing around in the cold for 2 hours.

We awarded some notable performances:

Roger Moseley: Fastest male
Sarah Codd: Fastest female
Chelsea Hauser: Anchor award
Asher and Milo Moseley: Youngest runners
Aaron King: For running with a stroller
Damian Clemons: For extreme dedication in driving long distances (from Phelps)
Rodney Egli: For arriving before the race director (he actually came the longest distance since Newark is about 10 minutes past Phelps)
Josef Hauser: For making the great Winter Chill stickers
Genevieve Bruce: in recognition for diligently completing all 4 races

You can check out all the results for Chill 4 as well as the entire Series. Please feel free to upload any photos to the Album.

Thanks again for a great year of Chill. It was great to be back.

-Sarah Drumheller

Thanks for giving us all reason and motivation for getting out in the cold. This is a tough time of year to keep running outside and these 5ks definitely made it a lot more fun.

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Check out the FLRC President and the Winter Chill Race Director on the local News.

@Sarah.Drumheller things didn’t quite work out for me this month to get to town on the weekends but I did order a shirt and beanie. @adamengst has the FLRC Challenge medals at the running store and I was wondering about the possibility that you might leave those items there for me as well? Thanks for organizing all of this and I hope to cross paths with you at another event in the coming months!

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In fact, they are already there! In labeled bags, alphabetized with the Challenge stuff. :slight_smile:

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That’s great! Thanks, @adamengst. :smiley: