Boston Marathon postponed until September 14th

The BAA has officially postponed the Boston Marathon until the fall. It’s going to be a busy fall marathon season—@vedgund was telling me earlier today that there are five major marathons in 48 days this fall. @shiggyrunner will have his work cut out for him. :slight_smile:

I already have 2 on the same day.

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And of course you will do both!

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So much for the Boston Marathon being postponed—it’s officially a virtual race now. :frowning:

I guess we’ll just have to do Skunk twice over :man_shrugging:

@Petorius, didn’t you map out the old Ithaca Marathon course that @Rishel was telling us about? Perhaps that can be the go-to course for area runners.

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I remember seeing a map of the old marathon course at one of the previous annual meetings (maybe 2017?)

I ran the last version, still fresh in my mind. The only tricky part is the exact turnaround on Stevenson. Pretty close to the 10k turnaround. Measurement back then was Jim Hartshorne or Eric Smith (?) on a bike with a wheel meter, I think. Ask Tom Rishel.