Category Topics

FLRC Challenge

Conversations about the FLRC Challenge, so those participating have a place to discuss the standings, arrange course run-throughs and throwdowns, and generally hobnob. And so those who aren’t in the Ithaca area don’t have to see our happy fun discussions.

Group Runs & Workouts

Want company on your next run? Post what you’re running, and when and where you’re starting. Want to join a posted run or workout? Just reply to a posted run so the organizer knows you’re coming.


Planning and conversations about the Pete Glavin Cross Country Series. Men run on the High Noon team, captained by Adam Engst (message him at @adamengst); women run on the FLRC team, captained by Tonya Engst (message her at @tonya). Look or post here for details about teams, races, carpools, the post-season party, and more.


Welcome to FLRC’s Announcements category! Only FLRC race directors, officers, and board members can create topics here, but feel free to reply to one if you have questions!


Most posts go here unless there’s a more specific category, such as Group Runs & Workouts or Injuries. For more info, see the FAQ.

Running News

Track geeks, running nerds, and other news junkies, here’s your spot to discuss the latest in the wider world of running news. Bonus points for articles about local runners!

Track Volunteers

This category is for coordination of volunteers for FLRC track meets.


Preparing for your first race or looking for help to break a personal record? Ask your training questions here for answers from fellow runners with years of experience, some of whom are certified coaches.

Where to Run

Looking for advice on a good route for a certain type of running? Scenic trails?Challenging hills? Flat and smooth? Ask here, and if you have a route you enjoy, share it!

Site Help & Comments

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


In pain or unable to run because of an injury? Looking for advice from other runners, or recommendations to medical professionals? Post your questions and concerns here! This forum is a bit different—rather than a free-for-all that will make it hard to find information in the future, let’s focus most of the discussion by injury. We can edit the first post of each topic to add new information so anyone coming in later can read that one to get started without having to piece together lots of separate posts. For now, I’ll handle this editing.

Youth Running

Got kids? Coach kids? Here’s your spot to discuss all aspects of youth running, from how to encourage your child to what’s appropriate at different ages. (But organize sessions in Group Runs & Workouts.)

Trail Conditions

This category is for sharing information about local trail conditions, such as downed trees, closures for hunting or repairs, water and mud levels, etc.

Print & Post Team

You are welcome on this team, whether for just one race or all of them! Your mission? Print out a flyer for an upcoming FLRC race on a color printer, and tack it up on your favorite bulletin board. You might even curate a corner of a bulletin board to make sure it always has posters for upcoming FLRC events. This is an easy way to support FLRC and keep fellow runners in the loop.