Brookton Hill & Dale Star Posts


This was my last course… challenge completed! :white_check_mark:

My legs still felt a bit tired from running the Lick Brook & Treman course on Wednesday but I absolutely loved this course… the road is my jam, and I had never run in Broktondale before. There are a couple of tough uphill parts, but the downhill finish is nice. Of course, I made a mistake at the very end, and I turned right instead of left at the bottom of Van Demark Road :wink: thankfully, the RunGo instructions promptly said “you are off the route” (now that I know that you created the instructions, I always imagine you @adamengst when I hear them hahaha – the guardian angel of all the challengers :angel:).

Damian’s warning is still valid: there is still a bit of gravel in the middle section of the course (mostly on Coddington), so pay attention when the cars get close to you and protect your face, in case they send some rocks in your direction.
The weather this morning was perfect for running (no sun and a nice breeze) but keep in mind that there is not much shade on this course, so it might be better not to tackle it when it’s scorching hot.

I am looking forward to running this and the other courses again in company, but I just want to say: THANK YOU SO MUCH to @adamengst for creating this challenge last year and keeping it up this year. Thank you to @heathercobb3 @Dave_K and all those who organized and participated in the group runs. It was a HUGE HELP in the midst of the doom and gloom of the pandemic :heart: With none of the other races that usually provide us with the necessary motivation to maintain an active training schedule, the challenge gave us something to look forward to. And what a wonderful way to meet other runners and discover new running routes!

Shop Local

After the run, I stopped for breakfast at the Brookton’s Market. As a tea :tea: lover, I appreciated their nice selection :arrow_down: