Dennis Stadelman has completed the FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge!

@Challengers, the FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge has been completed again, this time by ultrarunner Dennis Stadelman. He adopted a different strategy from our previous finishers, starting with the flatter and easier courses at 12:29 AM in the dark hours of Wednesday morning (East Hill Rec Way, Cornell Botanic Gardens, Waterfront Trail, and South Hill Rec Way), then tackling Pseudo Skunk as the sun came up. That set him up for what must have been a grueling set of trail runs: Thom B, Forest Frolic, Danby Down & Dirty, and Tortoise & Hare—which I think he was finishing in the dark. Then he capped it off with a long Black Diamond Trail run, making it under the 24-hour limit with less than an hour to spare.

His total time on course adds up to 18:16:04—details in the completion sheet.

Dennis will be receiving a custom FLRC Challenge sign to celebrate his accomplishment. @dennis-s, we’ll have to figure out a convenient time to present it to you—perhaps you can come down to Ithaca for our Turkey Trot or one of our Winter Chill 5Ks so there can be some appropriate pomp and circumstance.

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Looking at the Challenge activity log, Dennis completed the Ultra Challenge last night with an elapsed time of about 23:10, ending with the Black Diamond. Congrats @dennis-s! I look forward to hearing about your experience.

For those of you who don’t know Dennis, he’s a somewhat prolific ultrarunner who’s already completed a number of ultras this year, including the Virgil Crest and Might Mosquito 100s, FL50s, Cayuga Trails 50, Thom B Marathon, and the Morgan Hill Meat Grinder 50.

And of course let’s welcome Dennis to the official results list!

Congratulations, Dennis! Karen and I considered this approach as well - but i just couldn’t get my head and body around starting at midnight. Glad to see someone could! Here’s to a celebratory recovery.